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Feeling Lonely? You're Not Alone: Welcome to Life Balance By Design

Welcome, dear friend.

You’ve come to this page seeking something new, something that you’ve never experienced before, and that’s what I intend to give you wholeheartedly.

It’s time to truly believe that you are not alone.

Before we begin, I want to start by establishing a safe, judgment-free space. Please take a moment to be fully present and really appreciate that you’re doing something just for you right now. This is a big deal!

But first, an uncomfortable truth: 

In today's digital age, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of social media. We scroll through our feeds, seeing snapshots of other people's lives, and sometimes, it can leave us feeling a bit... well, lonely. 

Nearly half of Americans admit to feeling alone at times.1 Raise your hand if that stings a bit. Yep, I’m raising my hand too. This feeling of not being seen and heard has driven me to not only write this, but is the basis for the community I’m building for us.


“It’s not the number of participants in the community that matters, it’s the quality of the relationships between them.” - Dawnell Kelly


What is a REAL Community?

What is a real community? How is it different from spending time with a group of people that like the same things as us?

You see, to me, a community isn't just a group of people with similar interests or goals. It's a high-energy, vibrant space—a place where you can truly be yourself in any given moment. Free from unconscious thought patterns. Free from the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘used-to-be(s)’ and ‘planned-to-be(s)’. 

It creates quality relationships, deep connections, and sparks the support we offer each other along the way. It’s about experiencing a collective personal growth so profound - it can only be described as reaching our full potential.

But, how?

Now, let's get real for a moment. 

Some of us are surrounded by people in our lives. We may feel guilty for feeling alone. Double negative, am I right? But the fact is, you’re right! It can be isolating being and doing everything for everyone else. 

Self care, sure. There’s a ton of information on that. But real meaningful relationships outside of singular friendships or family ties - a true COMMUNITY where you feel seen and heard on a larger scale? It’s tough. There’s no community dating app for women like us. Yet.

But here's the thing: amidst all the noise of the online world, the craving for something more meaningful, more genuine… that's where this community comes in. It's a safe haven—a judgment-free zone where you can share your victories, your struggles, and everything in between, knowing that you're surrounded by women who get it.


"A community is a group of people who agree to grow together.- Simon Sinek


Welcome to Life Balance By Design

With Life Balance By Design, I’m on a mission to uplift and empower you, me, her, them - all of us. And let me tell you, it's a mission that sets my soul on fire! Through this community, we’re bridging the gap between personal growth and practical plans. 

We're here to set goals in alignment with who we are today. Then we make a plan. Then TAKE ACTION. And it’s 100% easier if we’re cheering each other on. So I’ve blended proven frameworks and methodologies with this inclusive community to teach you how to lay out your life, design it the way you want, and then work towards it alongside all of us - myself included. 

Amplifying Remarkable Women

And speaking of community building, I’m taking it to a new level - a full blown talk show. It's going to be a game-changer, my friends. Through candid conversations and thought-provoking discussions, we'll be amplifying the voices of women (including you) who align with our mission and purpose. These are the kind of women you'll find in our community—strong, resilient, and unapologetically themselves.

So, why am I so passionate about building this community? Because I've seen firsthand the power of sisterhood, resilience, and the pursuit of life balance by design. Because I believe that when women support women, incredible things happen. And because, quite frankly, I never want anyone to feel alone or misunderstood ever again.

Celebrating You

So, here's to building something beautiful together—a community where we can grow into our best selves, where we can inspire each other to reach new heights, and where we can create a ripple effect of empowerment that extends far beyond our own lives. Are you with me? Let's do this, one authentic connection at a time.


To stay connected and get guidance that resonates for free, you’re welcome to subscribe to our Life Balance By Design Newsletter – it’s a joy to continue this journey with you as a mentor and a friend!


About Dawnell

Dawnell is an executive consultant, educator, guide, entrepreneur, and founder of one of the most ground-breaking educational communities in Eau Claire, WI. After struggling with her mental health for years, her life-shattering moment ended with a mattress on the floor and a sudden onset of unexplained seizures. Her mission is to help others experience true freedom by achieving their full potential. [Read more]


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