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Hi, I'm Dawnell Kelly,

a woman who learned (the hard way) how to organize, set, plan, and achieve my goals without the overwhelm and burnout.

Before I jump into the heavy, I wanted to tell you that I love journaling, hiking, meditation, the sound of flowing water, fall in Wisconsin, reading fiction fantasy novels, and watching movies, to name a few.

I started this long journey when I served in the Navy for a number of years as a shipboard firefighter where I fell in love with training others.


Then I moved on to getting a degree in Kinesiology and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


I started personal training and coaching on healthy habits - and I loved it! I really dived deep into the study of the mind-body connection and it was fascinating.


But I soon realized that it wasn't enough...

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There was more to true fulfillment than completing a checklist of goals. 
Meet Me Vido

What happened?

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Well, for years I struggled with my mental health until I had nothing left but a mattress on the floor.

I tried every self-help book, program, inner and outer healing work, vitamins, meditation practices - everything that I could get my hands on.

This was especially tough as I've always been a problem solver.


I figured if I could create the perfect plan and reach all my goals, then I would be happy.

Here are some things I tried to do to help me feel better about myself and my life...

Tried to lose weight

Tried to have a positive mindset

Tried to practice healthy habits

Tried to “get in alignment”


I ended up adding to my to-do list. 

I was looking externally for fulfillment. I was looking for something else to tell me I was OK.

So, what changed?

Over time I had a breakthrough. I realized that the problem wasn't that I needed to do more, try more, or be more. 

I needed to stop.


I needed to just be. I needed to experience a safe space with myself fully and without judgment.

There was literally nothing I needed to do/be/create before I could fully accept myself as I am.


Then I realized I was also constantly reacting to everything in my life. 

I wasn’t being proactive and designing anything. I would wait for something to happen, and then make my move. 

What did you do?

Once I realized that, I was able to start making changes. I put more time and energy into other areas of my life that I would get to “later” (i.e. never). I started to learn what I really wanted instead of what I didn’t want.

Then I started saying no to things that weren't important to me. I started taking more time for myself. And I started naturally focusing on my own health and well-being.

The initial shift wasn't easy, but it was worth it. I'm now a much calmer and healthier person. I have more energy for my family and my goals. 

Reaching your full potential is an on-going process. You need to give yourself grace.

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I like the phrase,
"Giving yourself grace".

This grace has led me to feel vibrant, energized - with a deep sense of passion, purpose, and fulfillment every day.

I am by no means “fixed”, but I am able to give myself grace as I continue to discover what my ideal life-balance is.

I have 100% control of my life. I create realistic plans that help me make progress but also allow me to enjoy my life right now. I feel energized at the end of the day and I know I’m making a difference by living my dreams.

Wouldn't that be nice...

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It is! I no longer think, “If only I could create the perfect plan, then I could finally get started..”

This journey led me to discover the Life-Balance By Design model. 

It’s an expanded practical training that teaches you how to get organized, with a focus on life-balance, goal-setting, planning strategy, and productivity.

I took my time developing Life-Balance By Design so you can access the exact model that has been crucial for me to discover, plan, and achieve my full potential in all areas of my life.

Ultimately, I believe we owe it to the world, and to ourselves, to become everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

This can be easily achieved when we shape our goals in alignment with who we are today and not who we used be, or planned to be, or should to be. 

My mission is to provide a clear-cut path to achieving your full potential so you can experience balanced, vibrant, and fulfilled living. 

This allows you to positively impact everyone around you - creating a ripple effect of women empowerment. 

By living in your personal power, you are by default encouraging others to do they same. Your energy, your innate enthusiasm is infectious.


Now you are the candle that sparks a light in others. 

This is bigger than me, bigger than you and bigger than our tight knit community. This is a deeper rooted purpose that we can all stand behind.

Sounds good, but I don't know if this method would work for me...

If you're ready to make a change, but feel doubtful or straight up scared - you’re not alone.

You always have so many things going on at once that you don’t have time to sit down and think about what you truly want in your life outside of your roles and responsibilities.

You definitely don’t have time to sit down and relax - and if you try to, there’s constant background anxiety about what you “should” be doing instead. 

I've been there. I am still there sometimes.

I also know that you already have the power to achieve your ideal life-balance.


There is no program, book, or coach that can give you the magic answer. 

You are the only one who can create a life that makes your soul sing and your heart dance with pure, unadulterated joy. 


This takes education, resiliency, consistency, and productivity.

And you're going to learn exactly how to do that.

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You’ve finally found your community and I'm thrilled to support you on your journey!

If you’re interested in tuning in, join our vibrant newsletter to be the first to know when the new Life-Balance By Design Show goes live!


Wherever you are in your health and well-being journey, I'm grateful that you're here, now.

With enthusiasm, 

Dawnell Kelly

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